SharePoint 2010 – ‘database requires upgrade or not supported’ error post SP1 install

I was unable to search for anything in my SharePoint portal. On inspection in the Central Administration panel, I got the error message in the title.

To correct this, I did as it said in the ‘remedy’ area, when clicking on the problem. In summary:

1) Fired up the PowerShell; in my case with Win 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 installed, this can be found as ‘Windows PowerShell Modules’ under theĀ  ‘Administrative Tools’ section on the from the start menu.

2) Run Upgrade-SPContentDatabase -id WSS_Content. If you want to upgrade a different database, you will need to find its GUID instead, which should be listed within the database name

3) You will be asked for confirmation as to whether you want to do this. Upon approving this, a percentage readout will trickle along PowerShell window. This may take a few minutes or more to complete, depending on how much data you have.

4) Your database for content should now be updated!

N.B. Having done the above, I found that SharePoint was still having problems with a lot of other database. My conclusion was that during the SP1 update, it did not update the databases. An easy resolution to this to go to:

Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products ->SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard

This will save a lot of time! The wizard is automated, and fixed all problems for me :) Why the upgrade didn’t do this automatically is anyone’s guess!

12 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 – ‘database requires upgrade or not supported’ error post SP1 install”

  1. Hi,

    had the same issue!

    i ran the Products Config Wizard and now the search is on!

    thanks for share!



  2. Thanks! Sorted with no more error messages and working search. I wonder why the SP1 didn’t do this automatically?

    1. You’re most welcome :) Who knows – Microsoft Sharepoint is a bit of a wild beast, at least from an Admin perspective. Hope your SharePoint config comes together smoothly now :)

  3. Worked for me as well although I am still getting issues in the health tracker showing dBs need upgraded…

    1. Glad it helped – sorry to hear you’re still getting issues in the Health Tracker. I have canned using SharePoint for the moment for a few reasons (wrote this blog entry some time back), so sorry I can’t advise further – but hope you find a complete solution elsewhere. Good luck in getting an optimum set up :)

  4. Hi, Run Upgrade-SPContentDatabase -id WSS_Content this command for content database where i am facing issue with search database would u pls help how to upgrade search database.

    1. Hi there. I must confess, I wrote that post some time back. I have since stalled on setting up and running SharePoint for now. So off hand, don’t know about search database upgrades :( Hope you find your solution elsewhere.

  5. Hey! Thx for the share! I ran into this after fresh installation and was a bit confused that search won’t work initially. Looking at the event logger gave me the right hint to find your posting.


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