‘Verify that the Activity Feed Timer Job is enabled’ error in SharePoint 2010

I’m only just breaking open the box on properly using SharePoint. Every test install I have done, I have been hampered by this same error. The solution is simple.

First off, completely ignore the link that Microsoft gives you for ‘help’ – it resolved nothing. Instead, from within the Central Administration home page, do the following:

Click the Monitoring title.
Under the Timer Jobs heading, click on Review job definitions.
Scroll down the list and look for User Profile Service Application – Activity Feed Job (might be worded differently on pre- SharePoint 2010 SP1). You’ll note this is ‘disabled’. Click on the title link, and then the Enable button in the page that follows. This will set the service to hourly by default, and in the span of time your problem should disappear from the problems list in Central Administration.